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đź’¬ Support and Community Forum

Get Help or Connect with the Community

The following are some of the many ways you can connect with the Bioconductor community. This includes our support site for most questions about using packages, a number of community forums for connecting about research and analysis, literature references, and developer outlets for questions about package developmenet and enhancements.

Please remember when posting a question or response to abide by the Bioconductor Code of Conduct.

Support Site

For almost all questions about Bioconductor software please use the Bioconductor Support Site. This site is the primary way to contact us and is a great way to search fo answers to your questions, post novel questions or even to share you knowledge with other people who have questions about the project.

There is a comprehensive posting guide we encourage reading before posting new questions to the community. Doing so will help you to get clear answers to your questions.

Developers Resources

This mailing list is for discussions about the active and future development of Bioconductor, and pre-testing of new versions. It is meant for those developing contributed packages and enhancements of existing Bioconductor packages as well as others who have an interest in keeping up to date with these matters.

You may browse or subscribe to the Bioc-devel list. Email everyone subscribed to the bioc-devel list by sending an email to If you are not actively subscribed, an email to this list will be pending moderator approval.

The Bioconductor Developers’ Forum aims to provide a regular platform for Bioconductor developers to describe existing software infrastructure, to present plans for future developments, and discuss changes that may impact developers within the Bioconductor project.

The Bioconductor New Developer Program is a group-mentorship/buddy program for would-be, new, or hesitant developers or for developers who wish to refresh their skills and would like to have mentorship in developing R scripts to a fully fledged Bioconductor package.

Community Forums

Bioconductor has an immersive slack community that includes users and developers. There are many specialized channels for questions, and to foster collaborations.

A Bioconductor Mastodon channel is also available.

Bioconductor hosts annual conferences, courses, and workshops, as well as community run events. Presented materials can be found on our courses page and any videos recorded can be found on our Bioconductor YouTube Channel.

Bioconductor packages maintained by the core team are kept in sync between the canonical location and the Bioconductor github location. The community is welcome to use github issues to report bugs or to request enhancements. Please do not use github to ask questions. General questions and questions to resolve ERRORs should be posted to the Support Site.

Contributed Bioconductor packages may or may not have an associated, up-to-date github repository. You may post issues there if you think it appropriate. It might also help to check the package landing page or DESCRIPTION file for a "BugReport" field that the package maintainer list for monitoring.


Packages submitted to Bioconductor are required to have a comprehensive vignette that demonstrates package functionality along with standard function help pages. It is encouraged to read and consult package documentation before reaching out on any support outlet.

The Bioconductor blog consists of articles contributed from the community regarding a range of topics. We encourage everyone to read but also contribute blog articles.

Our list of featured community contributed resources have instrucions as well as links to existing literature and publications citing Bioconductor.